About OSOE

Our Schools…Our Excellence is a community- led movement of the non-profit MetroMorphosis with a single purpose: to create an informed community demand for excellent educational and life outcomes for children in North Baton Rouge. We realize in order to engage our community to become active in the well-being of students, change must come from within. Secondarily, an informed community demand is necessary to build long-term change in urban education.
Starting in October 2012, we sought to engage North Baton Rouge residents, education leaders and community stakeholders interested in improving educational and life outcomes. First, we hosted several public dialogues throughout North Baton Rouge to create a demand for excellent schools through an informed consensus around a collective definition of “excellence.” Approximately 1500 community members participated in the conversations and identified four mandates that now comprise the Our Schools… Our Excellence Community Compact:
1.        Achieve Student Success
 – From the “top down,” everyone is focused on student success.
2.        Recruit, Reward and Reward Proven Talent 
 – Every school has an outstanding principal and every classroom has an outstanding teacher.
3.        Involve Parents 
 – There is a commitment to inviting parents from all backgrounds in supporting their child’s education.
4.        Support Students
 – Schools and community partner to provide academic, behavioral and social support to both students and their families.
Our philosophy is clear: every child, regardless of location or socioeconomic status, deserves an excellent education. Further, the best way to have a real and measurable impact on student achievement is for community members, parents and students to develop shared goals and work together to create a comprehensive strategy that is specific to the needs of North Baton Rouge.
That strategy has manifested through three key groups: Parental & Community Engagement, Youth Involvement, and Communications.
  • The Community & Parental Engagement Group is dedicated to increasing the number of community members and caregivers actively engaged in embracing and advancing the tenets of the Community Compact.
  • The Youth Involvement Group works to continually increase the participation of students from North Baton Rouge schools in the mission of OSOE and actively engaged in advancing the tenets of the Community Compact.  
  • The Communication Group works to effectively communicate the strategies and campaigns of OSOE with the goal of sustaining and increasing active community involvement in advancing the tenets of the Community Compact.